Los Angeles Times
December 1, 2005
Sept. 18, 2005
The 88 The Los Angeles band's second album, "Over and Over," comes out this week, and it confirms that the power pop-prodigy has the mix of heart and craft that can yield great rock. There's some Beach Boys buoyancy and a less-manic variation on Hot Hot Heat's effervescence in the album, which revels in the old-fashioned notion that a little pop record can be as grand as a cathedral. - Richard Cromelin
July 5, 2005
by Chris Gaither
The five members of the 88, an independent rock band from Los Angeles, thought a single on "The OC's" soundtrack and a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live" would win them fans. They were right. But the fans didn't share much of that love until the 88 hit MySpace.com
The Popular online hangout featured the band on its front page, where the 20 million members sign in. The 88's songs were streamed to users' computers nearly 70,000 times last month, and 17,000 people added the band to their list of friends. As word spread around the website, hundreds of messages a day - example: "u kids rock like madd" - began pouring in from places as distant as Malaysia.
"There were a lot of people who had never heard of us before," said the 88 pianist Adam Merrin. "It was a great way to build anticipation for our upcoming record."